Saturday, November 29, 2008


The Prime Minister of India,

The President of India,

The Chief Ministers of States and the fellow citizens,

I am an educated young citizen of India. I grew up learning the esteemed history of our country and the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters which inculcated in me great respect for my motherland. I had strong faith in the national integrity and human values in our country as long as I was not old enough to understand its present situation.

From time to time, I have been witnessing tragic events in my country that hamper my belief in our government, judiciary and democracy as a whole. All of my generation feels morally handicapped. We are constantly being made a victim of regionalism, communal agitation, terrorism and what not. I strongly feel that the youth’s problems are increasing with each passing day but clearly no attention is being paid towards this by any responsible representative of the system. This often leads to an expression of emotional and personal aggression which is taken advantage by the regional and communal fanatics and radical groups.

Recent events in Mumbai show the extent of what terrorism can do to us. A bunch of 12 people can create shock in millions of lives. Will India attack terrorists only when they have killed hundreds of innocent people? Is police equipped to fight with terrorists or we need to transport NSGs to the hot spot? Is hijack situation training or any other sort of anti-terrorist training given to police? are we terror-safe?

Will there be another plane hijacked and taken to Afghanistan while Indian government not doing anything or there will be constant attacks to buildings and people after which army will kill these terrorists?

Unfortunately, the media happens to highlight such political faces all the more and thus aiding their intentions. In such circumstances, what faith can I hold in our social and political system? Please suggest me and my generation as to what can we do in order to declare that we are not unconscious or dumb and we are capable of preserving our country’s pride.

With regards,

Students listed below.

Everyone, Please write your particulars as specified in the comments to follow this letter which will be sent to PM, President.

Name, Place, College, Year of Study


kanav said...

Everyone, Please write your particulars as specified in the comments to follow this letter which will be sent to PM, President.

Name, Place, College, Year of Study

bhavjot said...

well we are more of believer in doers rather then seers....agitation follows for sure ...we are jus gearaing up !!!
dept. of geology
cotton college
final year bachelors

anuj said...

Hopefully this time some action will be taken unlike the general 'condemning' that everybody seems to be doing!

Anuj Saxena
BITS Pilani Goa Campus
2nd Year

Parth Shah said...

Let this not pass away as "just another terrorist attack " If we are the country which promises to be a challenge to other developed nations and if we are to believe that India is a country with the the maximum youth population, let this be taken firmly..

Parth Shah
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida

E said...

I really doubt if ne of this is gonna leave even an impression, but we can try.. so here it is .. my signatures:

Angadhjot Hundal
3rd year Student
Indian Institute of Technology


May be now its time govt. should think on making policies beyond reservation and public smoking and take concrete measures.

Ankit Narayan Singh
Mechanical Engg.
Second year
IIT Kharagpur

tuhina said...

Its high time we do something. This attack and all the past ones are just unacceptable. India has a substantial manpower. We can put it to use to fight these monsters. We certainly add up to more than they do.And if that's what it's come to I am sure each one of us is ready to fight.

Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
Economics hons. 2nd year

rachit said...

Rachit Khanna
UOWD, Dubai
3rd year

Deepti said...

Deepti Gupta
New Delhi
Jesus n Mary College
3rd yr

Nakul said...

Well, at such moments the word freedom becomes hypothetical. I hope its a contribution towards the change we need...
Nakul Asija
Institute Of Technology And Management
3rd Year ( Mechanical Engg. )

monisha khanna said...
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Mayanka said...

Its high time. I hope this time atleast we take a strict action so that all those terrorists out there learn a lesson n think again n again 2 commit a crime like this. My heart goes out 2 all those ppl n their families who've suffered.

my school life said...

whats the use of us (the youth) to study and work so hard now when we know we might all just die one day like some people just did.such events discourage us to plan something relly big for the future.its high time that someone does something.people of our country are with us and will be with us , im sure.

Ekansh said...

Ekansh Babbar
3rd Year
New Delhi

arjun said...

Hopefully this time some action will be taken

dav college
1st year bba

udit maheshwari said...

Rightly said, it is very frustrating to sit and watch this happening to our country with tremendous potential but no execution.

Udit Msheshwari, Amity Law School, Delhi, 4th Year

monisha khanna said...

well..i think its time that we take responsibility and do our bit to achieve the desired change...this cant go on for long..

Monisha Khanna
New Delhi
Kamala Nehru College
Journalism Hons. 2nd year

suyash said...
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Akhil said...

Akhil Munjal
Delhi Univ

suyash said...

Real good initiative........hopefully the govt should react towards this in a very stringent one attacks our nation ever again....

Suyash Sharma
Dept. Of Commerce
Loyola College
2nd yr. bachelors

Mansi said...

It's time for the whole world to stand together and for once and for all, forget their differences and celebrate life together. We must put a stop to elements that want to create fear, chaos and ruin the economy! In a diverse and beautiful country like India, people need to prove themselves worthy of living in it!

Mansi Bansal
Second Year
GGDSD College,

Anonymous said...

I think the government should simply tackle with the problem and take a hold over the situation before its too late and agitation amongst us civilians exceeds high..
Saanya Dua
University of Hull
Politics and International Relations student
research year

Priyanka said...

we r a motivated society...great work!!

Tamanna said...

Tamanna Bansal, New Delhi, Shri Ram College of Commerce

Priyanka Shree said...

Politicians should now get up from there seats...nd do sumthing for god's sake for the country and its people.....enough of fighting over getting power..fight for terrorism now!
Priyanka Shree
University Of Nottingham,
1st yr.

ridhima said...
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Today when i went to cast my vote, i was so confused. Please dont let this happen to us. I want to believe in our country, our government. Dont let the faith of a billion people shatter like this.
We faught for our freedom back in 1947 cos we realised what it meant.We took it for granted, and here we are. We cant roam around with the feeling that we are safe.
This is the most basic need for an individual or any democracy. Don't let us down.

Kanika Kumar

ridhima said...

I hope the people to whom this letter is addressed actually read this and take steps. The Attack on Mumbai have hurt the prestige of India and it is the Politicians to be blamed . Hope now they stop playing this vote bank politics and unite once and for all .

Dept of
Jesus and Mary College
New Delhi
2nd yr

iTrEANoR said...

We Support your cause Mr. Hasija
Great Job :-)

- Pulkit Mishra
Dept. Of Electronics
Amity School of Engineering and Tech.
-First year.

Divya said...

Divya Singh
1st year student
Pearl Academy Of Fashion,
New Delhi

Shivangi said...

When will proper infrastrucure against terrorist be built??????
AND WHEN WILL WE SPEAK STRONGLY TO PAKISTAN rather than just being mild in demeanour

Shivangi Vyas
Delhi university

Highlander said...

Anirudh Sharma
Department of Computer Engineering


Today when i went to cast my vote i was so confused. My undying optimism never lets me loose faith in our government, our people, our leaders and our country. But I've been let down, over and over again. Dont let this happen to me; dont let this happen to us. We faught for our freedom back in 1947 because we realised what it meant to be free. We took it for granted and here we are. We cant roam around n our neighbourhood with the assurance that we are safe. Its the most basic need for any individual or any country. Please dont let my faith shatter like this.

Kanika Kumar

Highlander said...

This was no terrorist attack. It had all the signatures of a commando attack.

It had stealth “undetected” entry, speed, precision, accuracy, cohesion, ferocity and aggression, clarity of thought and action, planning and reconnoitering, dry runs and degree of resistance.

Mira said...

I deeply condemn this dreadful act and hope that these tries do make some impact..i also feel this letter should not just be restricted to College students but students from school as well as every one can make a difference.
i do hope i can help

Mira Rajput
Vasant Valley School
Batch of 2012
New Delhi

THE samurai said...
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ravneet said...
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THE samurai said...

if the other countries are able to contain the attacks after a blow, then why isnt India, which boasts of huge availability of resources not able to tackle terrorism,even after repeated attacks..why has the government been laid back about this serious it the inefficient policies or the people who make them to be blamed??
We take no more of we shall stand united and voice till the fight against terrorism ends..
2008 passout.

CrazyFlamingo said...

everyone's attitude towards terrorism has gone through a tremendous change after this attack.. we can no longer think 'this happens to people' bcuz this can happen to us as well..

Nishita Mohta
Delhi Public School, Mathura Road
Batch 2011

sonia said...

well i believe in doing rather than watching things going out of hands to extents where nothing can be done.. i join hands with kanav in this campaign..
sonia dhonde,
amity school of hospitality,
amity university, noida.

mahima said...

Mahima Sinha, Mumbai
2nd year

Ravish said...

We have been saying things for the past 61 years since we have had our independence, but not 1 time have we acted. Let this be the last time such an incident has happened and India become safe.

Ravish Malhotra
Btech. Biotechnology
Amity Institute of Biotechnology

aditya said...

i am shocked..n numb!i dont want to say lots of words ghave been spelled out..its time todo some action...

a true indian by heart n soul..


vishesh said...

Vishesh Jhol
B.B.S. - 2nd year student
keshav mahavidyalaya
(university of delhi)
1.A federal agency needs to be set up
2. No politics when it comes to terrorism
3. Capital punishment for every terrorist or even worse(suggestions welcome)
but before everything else we should try n figure out why are they doing all this.... everyone says they have no religion n stuff but lets face it these are all religiously motivated n brain washed "young kids of 17-25" who are killing in the name of religion.... if we cannot go to the root cause n finish the kashmir issue we should atleast finish these maniacs and fanatics and their camps in POK...
because of the language constraint on this blog i cannot really voice my true feelings about them but it makes me sick to say the least...

Hump said...

Its high time that our esteemed government actually gets together and make a full proof plan to eradicate terrorism from our home,India.i am sure a first strong step by a billion of us can send ripples through the heart of those handful of terrorist.
Dept of Commerce
St.Xaviers college
2nd year

Anonymous said...

Nikita Chatterjee

H.R College of Commerce and Economics, 2nd year,

deepikapethe said...

its is shocking that in spite of receiving information form the coast guard, the mumbai police and the govt chose to do NOTHING!
it is time we act.

Deepika Pethe
Madras School of Economics
II Msc. Financial Economics

disha said...

I hope that these blackest hours bring out the silver lining of uniting India. Looking out to the inviting gateway in mumbai will never be the same...not without the anger and tragedy at taj...guess this cud wake up the govt from deep slumbersand take sum action..

soham said...

well govt. can do a lot now also........its never late.......i hope govt. will take action towards it.....


Department of East Asian Studies,
Arts Faculty, University of Delhi
Final year

Rash said...

The whole incident is extremely tragic. The country and the police forces perk up only when smthn major happens! We are just sitting ducks for the terrorists to do whatever they please. With men like Mr. Karkare and Unnikrishnan and others who gave their life for the country, we need to ensure that their life was worth it!

Rashmi Kumar
M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women
Year 2006-2009

thomke_dariye said...


music of silence said...

i hope there will be a day when such acts of terror will be viewed as attacks on our democracy and integrity and our politicians realise so.i hope that,at least on that day our politicians do what they are supposed to do as our leaders instead of turning it into a political issue and worrying more about their vote bank rather than the number of innocent lives that are lost.i hope that day i when i call myself an Indian i am proud of my country,its citizens and our leaders.that day my country shall be free.

Journalism hons. 2 year
Kamala Nehru College,New-Delhi

alien said...

I doubt that anything would come out of this, but I hope that I am proven wrong.

A suggestion: We need to step up the tempo and take the movement to the masses. Most of the youth doesn't enjoy access to the internet and hence if we could take up such a petition to the various colleges across the country, I guess it would have a bigger impact.

Saluting the Heroes of Indian Armed Forces...

Rohit Bhagya
DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
4th year

jheal said...

Jheal Shah
University of Warwick, London
2nd year

kallu said...

Kalyani Seth
New Delhi
Economics Hons III
Jesus and Mary College, DU

Astral Inc. said...

Enough of making pleas and petitions for what is ours i.e freedom and security.

Its time we promise ourselves and nobody else that we will get into the system and change it.

Join the defence forces ...join the civil services...start a political party of ur own.....and lets not just talk about it....Promise URSELF and bloody DO IT.

Tushar Dhiman
College of Business Studies,Delhi University
Ist year.

anchal said...

This time action MUST be taken.
Till when will India suffer like this ?

Lasalle college of arts
2nd year

rasht said...

I don't want to be part of the inactive civilian crowd that engages in hysterical government bashing but walks back home unaffected and having contributed nothing to the betterment of the state. This time, Let our actions really speak louder than our words!

Rashish Tandon
3rd Year Undergraduate
Dept. Of Computer Science
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

FancyLancey said...

Blasts are becoming more and more common. There have been over a hundred in the last decade!

Tharini Viswanath
Dept. of Literature
3rd year
Stella Maris College

Bharat said...

Bharat Budhiraja
3rd yr. Mechanical Engineering
University of Liverpool

kanika said...

I hope to contribute my own bit to this fight against terror.
Also hope for some answers soon.

Kanika Arora
New Delhi
SSAA, Gurgaon
fifth year

metal-militant said...

Name:Ishaan Kumar
Place:New Delhi
College:Sri Venkateswara College, 3rd Year.

bookbyte said...

Well, enough is enough..Now its time to unite and take some action...Government, please take action -kill the terrorism and once again make India independent... I am a student from the US waiting to return back to India after my studies...Jaihind

Priyanka Shah
B.S in Computer Science
2nd Year NJIT -USA

Aishwarya said...

Enough is enough

Aishwarya Lahiri
New Delhi
Kamala Nehru College DU
IIIrd Year

Radhika said...

Jai Hind.
If we don't act now, the sacrifice of several people will go Waste.
Radhika Sharma
New Delhi
Delhi University
1st Year, Graduation.

Vatsala said...

Sir, it is just high time we did something. It has happened way too often in the recent past and the Mumbai attack has just made me lose all confidence in our system.

Vatsala Tibrewalla
New Delhi
Shri Ram College of Commerce
3rd year

Jayeesh said...
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Jayeesh said...

high tym,,, ppl ,, its reli gettin on2 r nerves now... a stong action against this godforsaken place is more neeed now then ever,,, 1971 i shud ve ended,, we were too light,, but not now... enuf of the politics ... we, the youth otta stand up... we need a chance,, let us ,,,,

Jayeesh Bakshi
Chemical Engineering, 3rd year
Thapar University, Patiala

Karizmatic said...

Like our hon'ble PM was thinking to plan something like 100 days plan to fight against terrorism...such plans r only heard in new channels report or read in newspaper....
Why aren't such policies or plans comes into existence....

Hope to see strongest possible action....

Vijay Sharma
Aerospace Engineering
2nd Yr

adi said...

Aditi Shah
Gr8 move people.. hopefully v ll succeed.. this ll leave n impact..

1st sem Electrical nd Electronics Engineering,
Indus Institute Of Technology,

Khushi said...

Placing my faith in your actions,

Khushboo Shah
Grade 11

Explorers Destination said...

Hopefully from now on security measures will be increased and corruption will reduce to remove the loop holes in our security forces... I hope the ministers start thinking abt the nation and the public... The govt. should take an action at the earliest...
Eiakagra Gupta
Dept. Computer Application
T John College
Bangalore Univ.
Final sem Bachelors.....

Dhruval S said...
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Sneha said...

Sneha Muralidharan
New Delhi
Jesus and Mary College

Prachi said...

Can our Intelligence team, actually show some intelligence.. but i have deep gratitude for our NSG force..

Dhruval S said...

We want peace at any cost. We, the youth, are ready to volunteer to end all these havocs. We just need non-corrupted government support. We are willing to do the proper bloodshed if needed, because we don't want to live in this mess. Either kill the terrorism, or get ourselves killed fighting terrorism.

Edison, NJ, USA
JP Stevens High School 12th Grade

aseem said...
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priyanka said...

Faced with the growing menace of terrorism,India's anti-terrorism measures are lagging behind..
terrorism is strangling India
once again blood flowed taking away
innocent lives and devastating families.
Its high time we do somthing about it .
We Indians need to stomp terror out.
Priynka Agarwal
New Delhi
National Institute of Fashion Technology
1st yr , Masters degree.

Sukhdeep said...

Request to government as well as opposition leaders to come together this one time and put an end to this menace....

Vrinda said...

Hey i don't mean to dishearten you in any way but being a law student i know this might not work..But I am still very proud to be a part of this.. Jai Hind!! :)

Vrinda Jaju
New Delhi
IP University
Law student 2nd year

fgarza said...

From all over the world we support the people of India.

Fernanda Lucila Garza Gonzalez
Industrial Design
Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
1st semester

vidhi said...

My attempt at getting my anger and anguish over the loss of so many innocent lives and the massive destruction to the country's reputation, trade and commerce, and monumental icons, known to the leaders of this country.

Vidhi sharma, New Delhi,
S.S. College Of Business Studies
Delhi University, final year.

gel~punk_282 said...


Chandini said...

Chandini Bansal
Drexel University

Deviana said...

New Delhi
University of London'08

KUNAL said...

Hopefully this time our government does something solid to kick the a-- of the country supporting these terrorists and does not just give the usual speeches ...... common yaar... we are a strong country comprising of some good leaders... let us set an example this time that ore leaders can take some decisions which are good for country.....

Kunal Nangia
MBA Marketing
Suffolk University
Boston MA

anya said...

the government has been given way too much time than they deserve to fix this anyway!!! we want action.. n NOW! not your stupid blame games anymore!!! either you do something or we will make sure the government falls!!!!!!

aranya shankar
b.a. hons. history 3rd year
miranda house
delhi university
new delhi

sneha said...

There has been too much bloodshed , too much pain inflicted , too many families stripped bare . We deserve better and if fighting for the Fundamental RIGHT TO LIVE, the Right to a Safe Life is the need of the hour then thats what we wil do. There's a lot of anger , we need to channelise this anger to wake up our authorities . An ex-DG of maharashtra police said ; "Hemant Karkare was not killed by the bullet of a terrorist but by the system." Its time they own up to it.

kokila said...

Kokila Bansal
University of Delhi
1st Year, B Sc.(H)

Rachna Biyani said...

This govt is of the people and FOR the people.. We cant tolerate more attacks and more empty promises.

Rachna Biyani
SS College of Business Studies
New Delhi
Final year bachelors

bhavna said...

this is not the first terrorist attack on our country, this is just among the many , we cant keep forgetting and move on with our lives , something has to be done so that no more innocent lives will be lost
Bhavna Rajgopal
first year bsc psychology
women's christian college

devyani said...

Devyani Gupta
5th year student
Sushant School of Art and Architecture, New Delhi

Hridayaditya said...

Hridayaditya Hazarika
Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University
English Honours - First Year

Ankita said...

when will something that we say actually be heard....
i really hope that nothing like what happened in mumbai would happen again....
Ankita Thapar
New Delhi
Miranda House
2nd yr

ronny said...
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varsha said...

I hope this heads to where it should and where it needs to.

Varsha Agarwal
Jesus and Mary College
Delhi University
Third Year

ronny said...

Hopefully this time the government will accept that there is being negligence from there part either it may be the intelligence or may be the security agencies like navy....
how can a group of militants carrying bags on their shoulder with full of the killing ammunition ,enters our coastal border and kill people like as if their lives has no value....
this time government should take responsibility and should take some serious steps in regard of the terrorism going through in our country...the accused should be captured as this kind of thing can't happen without the local people involvement and as the news is going on, the involvement of Pakistan behind these things ,India now should become aggressive rather being lenient and noble...
Rather doing politics on such issues and thinking of their vote bank, i think all political parties of India and also taking the help of other countries, should fight against this world wide threat of terrorism.

Rohit Verma
New Delhi
Mech. Engg-3rd year
ITM Gurgaon

mallika said...

dis is de first n de last dis shud happen....

Mallika Bansal
sanskriti school
new delhi

Karishma Hazarika Naqvi said...

I believe that for any action to be taken and to unite people all over the world against terrorism and the various other evils we have to stand together and stand strong.

We the Youth are Ready to Fight,We need OUR Governments CO-OPERATION.


EscapableVerity said...
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vinay said...

In memory of all those who died trying....
Vinay Varghese
B.Com II year
Dept. of Commerce
Loyola College Chennai

kanav said...

We need at least 1000 signatures. Please friends, forward it to all your friends. It's time to be united

Shreya said...

Shreya Sureka
New Delhi
Amity University
1st yr MBA

Ishita Jain said...

Atleast Now, Some affirmative action is not hoped for, but expected.

Ishita Jain
New Delhi
Dps, Mathura Road

kamna said...

IT IS NOW UPTO THE YOUTH OF THIS COUNTRY..we should not sit back and just watch or condemn attack..It is time to take action..RAISE QUESTION N DEMAND ANSWER!
Kamna Mathur
B.Com Hons.
3rd year.

Surbhi said...

Im with you all!!
Lets save our Mumbaikar!

Surbhi Bachhawat
Jai Hind College

Nikhil said...

I am just worried on one thing that if 10 people enter in our country carrying some weapons, dry fruits etc & can shake our country, what will we do if tomorrow some
100 of them comes in and does these inhuman & insane act again.. Our agencies, our commando, our intelligence in not even this much hi tech or planned or projected to handle such situations…

I have got a classic example to share with you guys and which was much more insensate
Than this is “Operation Entebbe or Operation Thundebolt” of plane hijacking. They
Way Israeli government tackled it was incredible and an achievement in itself.

We have lot of respect & regards or our soldiers, for our commandos for those martyrs who lost their lives in saving us but this even cant be denied we could have tackled this
Situation in much more professional & master manner. They are skilled/trained the way our government is training them. Unfortunately The money being to allotted to defense in every budget is not been given proper utilized, GOD knows where it goes.

We here just want to urge our Government to be bit more affectionate towards your
Own people. We once again raise a toast to all those martyrs/sufferers.

Paroma said...

It's time to practice whatwe preach.

Paroma Bhattacharya,
St. Xavier's College,

saishah said...

saishah joseph
history(h)1st year
jesus & mary college
Delhi university

ramita said...

Ramita Taneja
Jesus And Mary college,New Delhi
Eco Hons 3rd year

ankita said...

lets hope for the bests....

aayushi said...

hopefully.. now the politicians will look beyond trying to save their seats from one another.. and actually do something meaninful for OUR country.

Aayushi Patel
1st year
Indus institute of technology

sneha said...

There has been too much bloodshed , too much pain inflicted , too many families stripped bare . We deserve better and if fighting for the Fundamental RIGHT TO LIVE, the Right to a Safe Life is the need of the hour then thats what we wil do. There's a lot of anger , we need to channelise this anger to wake up our authorities . An ex-DG of maharashtra police said ; "Hemant Karkare was not killed by the bullet of a terrorist but by the system." Its time they own up to it.

sneha Elizaeth Joseph
Economics hons.3rd yr
jesus and mary college
delhi university

Tanisha said...

This shall not be fortten. Enough is enough.
Our management and government needs serious reform.

Tanisha Chadha
Psychology Honours.
Final year
Delhi University

ramya said...

v really appreciate d intiative u ve taken..i guess dis is sumthin on all r minds but only dat v ve chickened away 4rm takin d intiative...v support ur cause nd promise 2 render any support required..wil spread d wrd..

ramya rajashekar,
2nd yr,
stella maris college,chennai

CuCkUd said...

Meenal Bharath Kumar, Bangalore, Mount Carmel, 3rd year (B.A.)

dreamers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dreamers said...

we have suffered enough. we need answers..!!

Pearl Academy of Fashion
-final yr.

Manmeet said...
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Manmeet said...

Firstly, salute to the brave officers like Hemanth Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar for sacrificing their lives for their countrymen. It is high time that WE AS YOUTH protest against the terrorist for indulging in such barbaric acts and killing the innocent ppl so ruthlessly..
Let us promise ourselves that we in no way will bear it anymore. It is high time the Govt. take some strong action against it.
Let us show those rougues that 'WE ARE ONE' and capable enough to defend our Motherland. JAI HIND !

Manmeet Agarwal
-Pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering,
-Vasavi College of Engineering,

@yush said...

I really hope this makes a difference

Ayush Agrawal
Bits Pilani Dubai
EIE - 3rd year

Arpita said...

Arpita Nath
Final Year English Hons.
Hindu College
University of Delhi.

Sonic Mayhem said...

I'm lost for words.Even after this incident the politicos continue to indulge in political mudslinging and soon will make it a poll issue.
what we need to do is probably carry out a civil disobidience movement and not vote till we see results.

Prateek Kole
Jeppiaar Engineering College,
Final Yr Bachelors

rachit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rachit said...

We need to stand up and act tough on the culprits and set an example,so that no one dares to repeat this act again..

Rachit Dhawan
ITM Gurgaon
3rd yr Mechanical engg.

Kai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kai said...

Pained but hopeful...

Priya Francis
College of Arts and Social Sciences,
Second Year, Masters
Osmania University

Pooja said...

i hope everything turns out better. i am still praying for all those lost and hurt by this. i just dont understand it but there are some evil people in this world whom i will pray for to get better!

thanks! have faith!

aditya said...

I like the idea but you need to write a better letter to PM. This sounds like you just dropped out of school. Better luck next time.

harry, horsey ,champ said...

first thing i believe should be all should be united then only these terrorist will understand the importance of a nation's value and then in the hour of crisis we should support the ruling party and look into more important issue rather than just removing the government as there is no capable party to who could replace them ............we need unity .
jai hind

mickin said...

Our filthy politicians are least concerned about the people of india & their safety & thus,dont expect anything from these self centric perverts..i would plead everyone that lets not encourage them by giving them votes during the election..lets abolish our corrupted system..JAI HIND

mickin said...

Time & again,all our politicians have proved dat they r good for nothing and absolutely worthless . . its high time dat we shall abolish such perverts who has deteriorated d condition of our country .. these politicians are only responsible for all such tragic incidents in our country be it train bomb blasts or 1993 blasts or parliament attack and several other such terrorist attacks . . while hats off to few gud ppl like ATS chief hemant karkare,ACP Ashok Kamte, encounter specialist Vijay Saluskar & our NSG Commandos who lost their lives while confronting the terrorists..they are the real superstars & not our bloody actors and cricketers..lets all of us come together and salute the efforts of this bravehearts who did'nt even think twice b4 sacrificing their life to save the hostages..all kudos to dem..god bless their family & may their soul R.I.P. . . . JAI HIND

sav said...

Once again the politicians of our country have thought us to be fools placated by a resignation, it is time they know that strict action and determination for the welfare and protection of our citizens is what we need and not some half baked ideas to be archived after a few days.

Savneet Singh Batra
New Delhi
Jamia Millia Islamia
Final Year (Computer Engg.)

Anonymous said...

The time has come to unite and take some stern action against this nasty barbarian act which has not once or twice but many times tried to shake the very foundation of our country. Its time time that we teach them the lesson and show that there is a our humility is not a synonym of cowardice!!

The awakening of India!!

Ashutosh Mondal
New Delhi
Jamia Millia Islamia
Final Year (Computer Engg.)

Upasana said...
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Anna said...

We need no violence.

Rajiv Varma said...

Hope this time the government wakes up to the reality leaving politics behind them.

Rajiv Varma,
Lamar University
2nd year Masters

The Stage said...

Tabish Bhimain
York University
3rd Year

Manik said...

An effort done by anybody can be ignored, but when Masses walk together with one faith, one goal, and one word. . . not even GOD can ignore them.
I am also a part of that active Mass.
Name - Manik Sharma
Mass Comm (3rd Year)
IIMM, New Delhi

Douglas said...

What ever people may say about Bush, I appreciate his immediate action after 9/11 when most of the world leaders are against him. at that time India allowed their air space to be used by US air force to attack Afganistan. We should immediately take the help of Israil and call a war against Pakistan and bangladesh and solve J&K problem ones-for-all. Gen. Manekshaw's forces occupied Lahore in 1971 war. Its our follishenss we went for Simla agreement hastily and lost the strong ground we were on.

Sheela said...
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Sheela said...

Sad to see that more than 1 billion people in India are being lead by governments that are so weak that they cannot take any strong actions against terror attacks such as these. Learn from USA and kick some butt.. it's high time now. Patience is running out amongst the people. Political parties need to rise above their personal agendas and think about the country. We are pretty much a self sufficient country .. we don't need any approval from anyone to protect the country. India should probably take matter into its own hands... and bomb all the training camps in Pakistan. We have the technology.. we have the power.. and we have the will.. The only thing that's needed is the political willpower to move ahead and do the needful.

Masters student at George Mason Univ.
Fairfax, Virginia

harry, horsey ,champ said...

i would see india fight terror but the main thing is india do need support from the rest of the world and i think minister should shout for this help from all over the world from country's who are willing to support plese it's the time we fight for our own country and sir it's time you give some meaning to ur post that we the people have givin you .
harsh vardhan mahipal
university of bedfordshire
luton london
uk. but still a indian first and will always remain one

varun said...

I completely agree with Kanav, I think the government needs to do something that will make a statement and not simply resign and run away from responsibilites.

Varun Kataria,
SMU (Dallas, Tx)
3rd year (Junior)

Upasana said...

there is a lot of anger ...unfortunately we will still have to depend on our shoddy politicians to make the changes.But lets not forget or let them forget this gruesome and shameful incident. We have to get rid of the extremists in politics too (modi etc.)
Lets not ignore politics as it murky, instead lets try to bring the corruption out in the open, only then will it change. If we keep nagging them they cannot ignore us.

King's College London

Punjabikudi said...

I m sure if anyone would care what we all have to say....but definately can try.....The PM needs to do something about it...How many times r we going to let the terrors distory our country....Let c if we can make a difference..Here is my signature...

Bosky Lal
Dept. of IT
1st year MA

Sushant said...

Mr. Prime Minister,
Please do not let this horrible and inhumane tragedy stain India's integrity and reputation as a peaceful nation by starting the blame game. This is a time of healing and we must use this tragic event as the most convincing push towards drastic change in a city and country I called home for the first 13 years of my life. Please rebuild our city to its rightful place as a global community without clouding it with even more corruption and unnecessary division amongst its citizens. I have full hope and confidence that India will never fall victims to whims of such scum who parade violence while waving the flag of religion.
My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families of this tragedy as well as the entire city of Mumbai.
Jai Hind.

Sushant Koppikar
Orlando, USA
University of Florida
1st Year (Freshman)

Anonymous said...

Its high time now, the government should take some strong action, instead of blaming others and hiding their own faults......

Rajeev Senapati
El Paso(Texas)
University of Texas at El Paso
MS(Industrial Engg)

krunal said...

Now it's enough.This time government has to wake up.Here is my signature...
Krunal Darji
MS Computer Science.
Lamar University

Jai Hind....

kenny said...

Its very disheartening to see that a bunch of just 10 people can hold an entire city to ransom.
For a country of India's might & tommorrows superpower....our first line of defence is underprepared & facing the terrorist with 1940's type of rifles....the second line of depence is ill-equipped without night vision goggles & thermal sensore & such. In light of such inadequacies superpower status is a distant dream & a permanent SC seat is a big joke...if you cant put your house in order how you will take up the responsibilties attaches to the SC seat???

Shrey Gandhi said...

Hope this thing gets into the mind of all d politicians out there. One question they should look at:
Why did America not face any terror attacks after 9/11??
Ans: America cannot stand terror. September 2001..the attacks on WTC.
October 7, 2001...America attacks Afghanistan...
Take some examples from the world...

Shrey Gandhi
Marketing Manager

enigma said...

Anukriti Kunwar
ABES Engineering College,Ghaziabad
2nd year!

Siddharth said...

Siddharth Dagar
1st year, IIT Kharagpur

Aug said...
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project said...

kanav...that letter is quite impressive. But nevertheless, i would suggest a few changes here and there...First the using of the word "I" has to be replaced by "we" for maximum impact... Maybe we could change it a little and make it more impressive. Bieng a law student, i know a thing about drafting.

Arpan Gupta
University school of Law, IP Univ.
4th Year

nirpankhi said...

All the terrorist came here with some intention....and they did what their plan was ... they knew they will die so no big deal that we killed them.. the deal is that they being so few could be alive for those three days terrorising all of us...killing so many in front of hundreds of defense team.. in our own territory... they were planned, well equipped, and knew more than we knew in our own country abt the locations ...the question is that why was the system waiting for them to come and cause the destruction...have we forgotten the train blast... where we lost so many lives... why wasnt the police alert about the same ... is there any political party involved in the same.. i dont think this was possible so easily without somebody from our system helping them... people this the time when we not just ask question but take some action... just saying we stand united doesnt have any meaning as everybody right from politicians to the police no body is united to say its our fault they are finding ways to put blame on each other... we need to flush out our politicians who are more dangerous than the terorrists... they are safe with securtiy gaurds we are not... we dont pay taxes for these politicians to fill their accounts but for our safety and for the nations...when they provide us with nothing do we need to pay it to them...or rather we give it to a body who can take the responsibility also with money that we earn...people voice ur views a little louder to be heard...

Avinash said...

Avinash Bhat
Acharya Institue of graduate studies
Final Yr BA Journalism

vani said...

there is no use asking these people to wake up and do somethng 4 d country my dear...our leaders are themselves professional murderers...dat shibu soren..n pappu yadav for instance...
i think...d least dat we guyz can do is vote for some educated and literate leaders in d next polls...who can be trusted upon...
still...m joining dis request dat u have made hoping dat somebody somewhr will help us someday...
may god bless !!!
Vani Rishi
english honours student,
first year,
delhi university,

smriti said...

well lets definetly do somethin abt it!!! we being the youth of this nation!! it's time we got HEARD!!!
Smriti Kurian
3yr b com
Stella Maris College

akabane said...

all my support.

3rd year
electronics and communication
NIT Bhopal

cute_devil said...
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Karishma Hazarika Naqvi said...

I believe that for any action to be taken and to unite people all over the world against terrorism and the various other evils we have to stand together and stand strong.

We the Youth are Ready to Fight,We need OUR Governments CO-OPERATION.


-=|Þööjä|=- said...

i think now is the time we ourselves seriously need to do something first. And by signing this letter i just wanna say all you people who are to take care of the country, enough of fighting now do something for [b]YOUR[/b] and our country. and yes we need more and yes [b]EDUCATED [/b]representatives to be given chance to join the elections so that we get a better leader and a corruption less administration.And i say all this on the context of all the blasts and the terror attack of which i have faced the mumbai terror attack and the assam blasts.please do something

my sign

Bedi Philips said...

Bedi Philips
M.S Arts Technology
Illinois State University
Normal, IL USA

Maneesha said...

I am a journalism student of DU. Although I support you in saying that such an act of terrorism is disgusting and all, but it is also necessary to understand that all these people that you are writing letters to, the PM and President and all, are also not sitting on their backside and twirling their thumbs. They are also trying their best. It was a combined effort that the death toll stopped where it did because as per the media, the terrorists had planned to blow up the whole Taj and kill/injure at least 5000 people. The PM is also human and I am sure that this event must have caused him a lot of grief as it has us. Its not always as easy as pointing fingers. What should be done, especially by law students, is suggest a practical way out. If appropriate suggestions reach the government, I'm sure that they will also listen.
Maneesha Jacob
New Delhi
Delhi University
Final year

Aviral said...

Although i dont really think this is going to wake up our leaders.. You have my signature as support for your effort.

Aviral Kapoor

P said...

Priya Krithivasan
University of Toronto
First Year

Sudheshna said...

Sudheshna Miryala
La Jolla, California, USA
University of California, San Diego
First Year of Undergraduate

chandni mathur said...

our leaderz have gotta come up wif something soon coz these audacious evntz are creating his kinda of vengeance dan fear in us citizenz (especially the youth)!!!!
Chandni Mathur
Muffakham jah college of engg and technology
2nd year mechanical dept.

Aditi said...

its time that all authorities at the helm of affairs raise their bars to face the uncertain,equip forces with the adequate ammunitions & trainings and not let such a disgusting episode repeat.both ruling & opposition parties should come together as 'One Nation' to work out a robust strategy that starts with an era to end terrorism....

sirisha said...

At office and at home we hardly show any patience when our work is not done.Even at the signal we start honking as soon as the lights turn green.Then why were we showing so much patience for bearing these politicians for so long?well at last the dawn has come.
For a nursery student to get admission an interview is done.entrance exams are conducted to get a seat in college.interviews for jobs are also done.Then y not for these politicians who have to lead the country?How can we let these gundas become our leaders?
we are in the same sitution as our country was 60 years ago.the difference is that the british were ruling us and now we have our own leaders making our lives hell.we have to become the gandhis of today and start the freedom movement again.
santosh dental college
3rd year

Sumit Bhatt (S.B) said...

Speaking or writing about the problems will not stop all this.
One needs to understand the need of the hour,the need of the hour is geting the youth forum forward and raising there voices by nt lighting candles but by giving up few strong replies to THEM.

The Mumbai general elections 09 showed how corward people are meraly lighting up candles n shouting slogans wont slove the problems,one needs to VOTE.

Sumit bhatt

Anonymous said...

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