Saturday, November 29, 2008


The Prime Minister of India,

The President of India,

The Chief Ministers of States and the fellow citizens,

I am an educated young citizen of India. I grew up learning the esteemed history of our country and the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters which inculcated in me great respect for my motherland. I had strong faith in the national integrity and human values in our country as long as I was not old enough to understand its present situation.

From time to time, I have been witnessing tragic events in my country that hamper my belief in our government, judiciary and democracy as a whole. All of my generation feels morally handicapped. We are constantly being made a victim of regionalism, communal agitation, terrorism and what not. I strongly feel that the youth’s problems are increasing with each passing day but clearly no attention is being paid towards this by any responsible representative of the system. This often leads to an expression of emotional and personal aggression which is taken advantage by the regional and communal fanatics and radical groups.

Recent events in Mumbai show the extent of what terrorism can do to us. A bunch of 12 people can create shock in millions of lives. Will India attack terrorists only when they have killed hundreds of innocent people? Is police equipped to fight with terrorists or we need to transport NSGs to the hot spot? Is hijack situation training or any other sort of anti-terrorist training given to police? are we terror-safe?

Will there be another plane hijacked and taken to Afghanistan while Indian government not doing anything or there will be constant attacks to buildings and people after which army will kill these terrorists?

Unfortunately, the media happens to highlight such political faces all the more and thus aiding their intentions. In such circumstances, what faith can I hold in our social and political system? Please suggest me and my generation as to what can we do in order to declare that we are not unconscious or dumb and we are capable of preserving our country’s pride.

With regards,

Students listed below.

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